In 2008 I went to Morocco for four months to work in the art department for Disney’s 2010 film Prince of Persia, based on Jordan Mechner’s classic videogame, produced by Jerry Bruckheimer, directed by Mike Newell with production design by Wolf Kroeger.

As Sr. Digital Set Designer, I primarily worked on the city of Alamut, later realized by visual effects firm MPC.

This work included designing digital extensions from the palace to a key temple based on concept art by Julian Caldow, producing urban guidelines and studies of Alamut and building a library of basic urban architectural elements for MPC. These elements were used by fellow digital set designer Bogdan Strugar to create modular buildings which MPC used to populate the city plan as developed by VFX Art Director Tino Schaedler. Also realized a digital recreation and previz of Alamut’s constructed sets at Tameslouht, primarily based on plans by Art Director Leslie Tomkins.