The Nike MAG from Back to the Future II became known as the "greatest shoe never made" - until September 8th, 2011.

Nike in alliance with Universal Studios, Google and Ebay, produced 1500 pairs for auction with proceeds going to the Michael J. Fox Foundation for Parkinson's Research. Principal Production Designer Tino Schaedler in collaboration with Oliver Zeller designed the grand unveiling at Hollywood's Montalban Theater.

The event design spatially realized the marketing campaign's graphic design, featuring stippled strands based on the shoe's light colors. Recessed illuminated trajectories, tangents of time, invited people inside the theater where they were greeted by a 16 foot high glass box filled with smoke. Revealing only the multi-colored lights from hundreds of MAG sneakers until the smoke gradually dissipated.

The entrance trajectories continued inside, branching into two dynamically lit chandeliers that guided attendees up stairs, past Back to the Future memorabilia and exhibits into a recreation of the Cafe 80's from Back to the Future II. Cafe 80's included a twelve screen TV wall behind the bar displaying film scenes and photos from a nearby greenscreen station where people could have their shots taken atop a hoverboard.


Production Company: Optimist LA

Design Company: adNAU
Creative Directors/Producers: Tino Schaedler, Oliver Zeller
Production Designers: Tino Schaedler (Foyer), Oliver Zeller (Cafe 80's).
Draughtsman: Bjoern Hoffmann
Props Shopper/Art PA: Carley Gethin