Two spots created for the launch of the Mezzo brand in Asia. Live action was filmed on a massive greenscreen stage in 35mm at the Sony Pictures Studios Lot in Culver City, and composited into a fully designed and 100% digitally created environment.



Director: Joseph Kosinski
Agency: Timmerman & Tan
Production Company: Rokkit
DP: Claudio Miranda

VFX: SWAY Studio
EP: Shira Boardman
Creative Director: Mark Glaser

VFX Supervisor: Rob Nederhorst
VFX Producer: Matt Winkel
Architectural Designers: Kevin Cimini, Oliver Zeller
Compositing Supervisor: Marc Dominic Rienzo
CG Supervisor: Aaron Powell
FX Lead: Greg Tsilidas
Texture Lead: Rob Meyers
Compositors: Lucinda Chee, Lee Croft, Jay Frankenberger, Feli di Giorgio, Lou, Pecora, Toshihiro Sakamaki, Maciek Sokalski, Nicki Yoblonski
Tracking: Danny Zobrist, Jay Frankenberger
Terragen Development: Matt Fairclough
Storyboard Artist: Nathan Boldman
VFX Coordinator: Hannah Yates
Production Coordinator: Joyce Pan
Production Assistant: Daughn Ward