Oversaw set decoration, props & costumes for Transforma Theatre’s second annual Science in Theatre Festival at The Tank on 36th Street in NYC, December 9-11.

The opening night play, Sans Me (featured above) centered on lucid dreaming as the protagonist seeks to recover from the loss of his wife years earlier. Two Driade Nemo Face chairs anchor the dream scape, a metaphorical centerpiece from which multiple characters within the protagonist's turbulent mind could emerge. A suspended inverted clock adds to the surreal proceedings. With an almost non-existent budget: furniture, props & costumes were mostly sourced from cast & crew members and Remix/Material for the Arts (including the torso butt sculptures used in the play Can't Make This Sh*t Up) with custom flourishes that included programmable LED lighting on the EEG headset worn by the protagonist.


“ A vintage gold clock floating above the stage set with white wheelie chairs, other spare furnishings and two large eerie white mask statues, is the arrestingly dreamy landscape scenic designer Oliver Zeller has created for author Catalina Florescu’s intriguing one-act play, Sans Me.” Darryl Reilly - Theatre Scene


Artistic Director Tjaša Ferme
Lighting Design Riva Fairhall
Set Design Oliver Zeller
Video Design Alessandra Cronin
Music Design Justin Ethan Mathews
Stage Manager Sloane Fischer

Sans Me
Written by Catalina Florescu with science consultant Moran Cerf
Directed by Dennis Yueh-Yeh Li
Featuring: Monika Hunken, Jon Peacock, Charles Pang

Can't Make This Sh*t Up
Written by Julia B. Rosenblatt with science consultant Jaeweon Cho
Directed by Megan Paradis Hanley
Featuring: Jen Abrams, David Crane, Antigona Gonzalez, Martina Potratz

Songs and Scenes from Frozen: The Egg Freezing Musical
Written by Zhu Yi and composed by Yoonmi Lee with science consultant Dr. Anate Brauer
Directed by Mei Ann Teo
Music Directed by Ok Kyun Kang
Featuring: Minji Kim, Genevieve Shi, Diana Oh, Marissa Madan, Daniel Liem Le