Formerly a full-time writer and design in media blogger, I wrote for eight years from issues 24 through 71 on the intersection of architecture, media & world-building as a contributing editor for the bi-monthly print publication  MARK (and also for Build: Das Architekten Magazin). Full archive appended.

MARK Magazine #71 - December/January 2018
Finding Solace in Architecture (Columbus)
Echoes (Echo)

MARK Magazine #70 - October/November 2017
Redesigning the Future (Blade Runner 2049 Feature)
Metabolism goes Pop (Tokyo 42)

MARK Magazine #69- August/September 2017
A New Media Shell (Ghost in the Shell)

MARK Magazine #68 - June/July 2017
A Sense of Dislocation (Legion)
Space, Time and Architecture (Dishonored 2)

MARK Magazine #67 - April/May 2017
I wasn't going to be a traditional architect (Nick Leavy Interview)
A Strange Architecture (On Doctor Strange)

MARK Magazine #66 - February/March 2017
Dehumanize (Westworld)

MARK Magazine #65 - December/January 2017
The Soul of the City (Deus Ex: Mankind Divided)

MARK Magazine #64 - October/November 2016
Beyond the Horizon (Star Trek: Beyond)
City of Mirrors (Mirror's Edge Catalyst)

MARK Magazine #63 - August/September 2016
Equals (Interview with production designer Tino Schaedler)

MARK Magazine #61 - April/May 2016
Building Hope (On Fallout 4)

MARK Magazine #60 - February/March 2016
World Builder (Interview with production designer Alex McDowell)

MARK Magazine #58 - October/November 2015
Tale of Tales repurposes architecture to witness a revolution (Sunset)

MARK Magazine #57 - August/September 2015
Mark Digby captures an AI beneath the work of JSA (Ex Machina)

MARK Magazine #56 - June/July 2015
Imagining Utopia (Scott Chambliss/Syd Mead on Tomorrowland)

MARK Magazine #55 - April/May 2015
Nathan Crowley and Paul Franklin give time dimension (Interstellar)
Creative Assembly assembles a machine for living (Alien: Isolation)

MARK Magazine #54 - February/March 2015
Kevin Thompson choreographs film sets (Birdman)

MARK Magazine #53 - December/January 2015
MachineGames exposes the frailty of brutalism (Wolfenstein: T.N.O.)

MARK Magazine #51 - August/September 2014
Peter Wenham puts the Triskelion into context (Captain America 2)
Ken Wong plays with M.C. Escher (Monument Valley)

MARK Magazine #50 - June/July 2014
Adam Stockhausen shears layers (The Grand Budapest Hotel)

MARK Magazine #49 - April/May 2014
K.K. Barrett reshapes and amalgamates L.A. (Her)

MARK Magazine #48 - February/March 2014
Andy Nicholson explores space architecture (Gravity)
William Pugh and Davey Wreden invent an omniscient architect

MARK Magazine #47 - December/January 2014
Phil Ivey and Syd Mead take the McMansion into space (Elysium)
Aleksi Briclot and Michel Koch terraform Paris (Remember Me)

MARK Magazine #46 - October/November 2013
Marching Forward (MARCH Interview)
Alex McDowell grows architecture (Man of Steel)

MARK Magazine #45 - August/September 2013
Darren Gilford revitalizes mid-century modern (Oblivion)
Ken Levine critiques American exceptionalism (Bioshock Infinite)

MARK Magazine #44 - June/July 2013
Alex McDowell flips upside down (Upside Down)
Cardboard Computer descends Into surreality (Kentucky Route Zero)

MARK Magazine #43 - April/May 2013
Hollywood Calling (Joseph Kosinski Interview on Oblivion)
Hugh Bateup shapes responsive experiences (Cloud Atlas)
Brendon Chung smash-cuts architecture (Thirty Flights of Loving)

MARK Magazine #42 - February/March 2013
David Cronenberg takes us in search of sanctuary (Cosmopolis)
Matt Nava creates an architectural canon (Journey)

MARK Magazine #41 - December/January 2013
Patrick Tatopoulos builds a city in the sky (Total Recall)

MARK Magazine #40 - October/November 2012
Doing Entire Worlds (Viktor Antonov Interview)
Adam Stockhausen defies gravity (Moonrise Kingdom)
Derek Watts fuses nature and habitat (Mass Effect 3)

MARK Magazine #39 - August/September 2012
Tadao Ando inspires Ubisoft on a mind trip (A.C.: Revelations)
Philip Messina creates a cornucopia (The Hunger Games)

MARK Magazine #38 - June/July 2012
Crowley and Church imagine cities on Mars (John Carter)
Starbreeze embarks on a city raft (Syndicate)

MARK Magazine #37 - April/May 2012
Tom Cruise scales the impossible (Mission: Impossible 4)

MARK Magazine # 35 - December/January 2012
Jacques-Belletête Reorganizes Shanghai (Deus Ex: HR)
Jack Fisk traps Sean Penn in glass ( Tree of Life)

MARK Magazine #33 - August/September 2011
Sarah Greenwood shapes the psychological (Hanna)

MARK Magazine #32 - June/July 2011
Kevin Thompson adjusts New York ( Adjustment Bureau)

MARK Magazine #30 - February/March 2011
Kosinski puts utopia In Its place (TRON: Legacy)

MARK Magazine #28 - October/November 2010
Christopher Nolan remixes reality (Inception)

MARK Magazine #26 - June/July 2010
Robert Stromberg designs a Situationist Wonderland (Alice)

build- Urban Architecture & Design - 03 2010
More than Space, In conversation w/ director Joseph Kosinski

MARK Magazine #25 - April/May 2010
Carter & Stromberg produce holistic architecture (Avatar)

MARK Magazine #24 - Feb/March 2010
K.K. Barrett weaves monsters (Where the Wild Things Are)