Transforma Theatre presented the first public staged reading of Bioadapted on October 30th at The Theater at Gibney 280 Broadway, NYC.  In its full production staging in 2023, audience members will participate by wearing EEG headsets which will generate BCI (brain-computer-interface) instructions for the movement of actors as human marionettes in flying systems. In the grand finale the audience will put GPT-3 on trial and interrogate it directly in real time.

Bioadapted is an investigative piece about and with the integration of GPT-3 examining human sovereignty, and how AI is interlaced with our everyday lives, our psyches and the means of control.

Created by  Tjaša Ferme with writings by James Yu, Alexis Roblan, Ferme and transcripts from Science in Theatre Festival & Blake Lamoine interviews with conceptual design by Oliver Zeller. Stay tuned for more...